Old man portrait

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  1. Claudia, ai un talent fantastic! Imi plac mult desenele tale. ce chip expresive aidesenat la "Old Man".

    Iti multumesc pentru vizita!
    I'll be back!:-)

  2. You are a beautiful artist! Magnificent! I enjoy all your art and love your blog!You are super talented and your art is gorgeous.

  3. frumos portret. si lumina care ii brazdeaza jumatatea fruntii, delimiteaza neasteptat zonele de umbre, de alb, gri si negru ale portretului.

  4. I apreciate a lot your choices in formal, stylistic and conceptual aspects. I'm also a painter and although I paint big size oil on wood and linen canvas I do some dry pastel on black paper where I do lots of portraits and animals. It´s interestings that some of my animals are familiar to yours. I even posted a iguana recently.

    I´ll be back soon to see your new works.

    Keep on the fine paintings,

  5. Felicitari pentru tot ce faci! Esti extraordinar de talentata!!

  6. Ese hombre en portaretrato, recio, bien tratado por los lápices, Un abrazo.

  7. Olá Claudia,
    Passeando nos blogs encontrei esse.
    Maravilha o desenho.
    Abraços de Luz.